SEILER Pianoforte

Genuine Craftsmanship and International Sponsoring


SEILER Pianoforte ranks among Europe’s largest piano factories and exports its grand and upright pianos to over fifth different countries on all five continents.


SEILER was in the founding family’s hands for five generations and was established in 1849 by pianist and craftsman Eduard Seiler in the Silesian town of Liegritz. Recently, SEILER has become a member of Samick Music Corporation.


As early as in the 1870s, SEILER won first prizes for its pianos – including those awarded in Vienna and Moscow – and in the following years was to become a purveyor to the German and Russian Imperial Courts and to the Italian Royal Family. Countless prices in Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Melbourne, Tokyo, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago testify to the esteem in which SEILER’s instruments were held all over the globe.


At the end of World War II in 1945, SEILER lost its factory in eastern Germany. However, the fourth generation of the Seiler family under Steffen Seiler went on to rebuild the company in Bavaria in West Germany. Steffen Seiler risked his life at the end of the war when everything was collapsing around him to preserve the scale designs, plate designs and measurements to assure there would be a future company.


In the international marketplace SEILER stands for a corporate philosophy resting on five pillars reflected in the terms: Quality, Artistic Craftsmanship, Innovativeness, Price/Performance Ratio, and Tonal Beauty.