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Mihee Lee

Owner | Registered Piano Technician


A professionally trained pianist with both bachelors and masters degrees in Piano Performance, Mihee (MEE-hee) decided in 2002 to continue her education beyond performance and diversified her skillset by becoming a piano technician's apprentice in Michigan. 


She fell in love with the complex mechanics behind building and refurbishing pianos, and went on to becoming a professional technician, earning her certification as a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) through the Piano Technicians Guild. Mihee didn't stop there, and went on to specialize her skills through many Steinway Factory as well as Yamaha Little Red Schoolhouse courses. Finally in 2013, she decided to open her own store with her abundance of knowledge and experience. 

Beyond working as a technician for customers in their homes and businesses, Mihee has worked with Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, etc., dealers for over 15 years. She additionally frequently works on pianos in preparation for concerts for professional performances put on by pianists like Lang Lang. 

As a pianist herself, Mihee understands the fine delicacy of the key touches that make a world of a difference, for even the most amateur of pianists. She is sure to not only help you find a piano perfect for you, but also help you maintain its pristine quality throughout the passing years.

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